The creation and operation of “world-leading”, dedicated logistic structures for clients who desire long-term relationships based on trust and performance excellence.

Snap Shot

STRANG is a focused, high-performance contractor with many years of success in the provision of integrated logistic structures. The Group has dedicated facilities in Australia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar and Singapore as well as a purpose-built global network of proven and specialist logistic partners. Find out more.

Deal with the Decision Makers

Talking directly to STRANG’s Principals ensures the people who make things happen understand exactly what you need. With STRANG, there are no intermediaries. You know exactly who we are and who is overseeing your project.

90 Years of Delivering

STRANG’s international strength has grown alongside the global logistics industry. We are continually developing our world-leading logistics solutions to transport cargoes around the globe more effectively, efficiently and safely. STRANG has been refining its engineered solutions for 90 years.

Industry Leadership

STRANG’s long-standing involvement with various port and logistic bodies around the world is recognition of our industry leadership. We have represented the Port of Long Beach in Australiasia for over 30 years and are a founding member of the International Cargo Handling Association (ICHCA). Our global standing also ensures we remain at the forefront of industry developments, technologies and trends.

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

STRANG has a dedicated commitment to Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) and a proven track record of excellence in this area.

We drive health and safety systems throughout our organisation and have won many awards for the standards we have achieved. Without such a commitment to SHEQ we would not be able to maintain or grow our business. Therefore, excellence in this area is paramount.

Some of our key SHEQ objectives include:

Our operations have safety systems that have been independently accredited and are committed to by all employee members across our organisation. We use a number of recognised accreditation systems including:

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The particular independent accreditation system we use will be driven by the type and nature of the work. Consideration is also given as to which system best dovetails with our client’s program.

The site-specific SHEQ Policies are available to interested parties. Please feel free to contact us in this regard.

Highlights include:

Accreditation of our Madagascan operations for ISO 14001, 9001, 18001 being the first company in Madagascar to achieve such accreditations. Safety awards; Alcoa Portland Aluminium, Lihir Mining Company x 2, NOSA 5 Star Platinum Rating Award STRANG Richards Bay, BHP Billiton Strategic Partner HSE Award STRANG Mozambique, 2009, and 2011.