At Strang we engineer and innovate until we’ve created a 100% effective solution for every project. We aim to turn every solution into a measurable advantage for your business. Systems, machinery or processes, Strang doesn’t take “standard” as an acceptable response, ever. Below are some of the world-leading solutions we’ve created for our clients.


Faster, Cheaper, Safer Cargo Handling

The Bullant Integrated Logistics System ( was conceived, designed and built to deliver a unique and revolutionary approach to logistics - a single equipment system that loads, transports and unloads cargo.

Bullant eliminates handling movements, encases the load and reduces man-machine interaction. Which means the faster, cheaper and safer movement of cargoes. It’s also extremely agile, yet can carry over eight times its own weight.

STRANG recognised seamless integrated logistic structures reduce risk and improve cargo care, safety, integrity and commercial outcomes for our clients.