At Strang we engineer and innovate until we’ve created a 100% effective solution for every project. We aim to turn every solution into a measurable advantage for your business. Systems, machinery or processes, Strang doesn’t take “standard” as an acceptable response, ever. Below are some of the world-leading solutions we’ve created for our clients.

Global Logistics Management System

Faster Customs Clearance

Initially, our Global Logistics Management System (GLMS) was created to help a client experiencing serious delays in clearing goods through a local customs department. Our GLMS is a modular system that provides unique functionality. It combines the data we capture early in the logistics task with our customs clearance, compiling and tariff expertise. The outcome is a complete customs clearance documentation package that is ready for submission to Customs weeks ahead of the previous arrangement. Benefits include:

  • Direct savings as STRANG GLMS now creates all the import customs documentation required.
  • Physical access to cargoes weeks ahead of previous arrangements.
  • Savings in stock holdings due to earlier availability of cargoes.
  • Greater accuracy and control of customs duties payable.

The estimated direct and indirect savings STRANG has been able to generate for our clients nearly offsets their entire spend with us across the total range of logistic services we provide them.

Other clients are now enjoying the unique advantages STRANG’s GLMS can deliver.

GLMS Awards
Logistic Lloyd Award Lloyd's List DCN Australian Shipping & Transport Awards
Logistic Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Chamber of Mines and Petroleum