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Transport Safety

Minimise Road Transport Accidents

As part of the integrated logistic services we undertake for Mozal Aluminium in Mozambique, STRANG transports inbound and outbound cargoes to and from the smelter and our port terminal.

Our trucks complete over 2.5 million kilometres per year on Mozambique roads which are in high population areas, are poorly maintained and policed.

STRANG introduced specific procedures and processes to reduce the risks involved with these transport activities. These included:

  • Driver fatigue management including banned late night driving, fatigue testing at the start of driver’s shifts, analysis of driver sleep patterns and “at risk” behaviour counselling for drivers proving to be at risk.
  • Zero drug and alcohol tolerance with testing taking place at the start of every shift.
  • Upgrading to trucks with larger payloads so less trips need to be made.
  • Random speed checks on both company and public roads. All trucks have also been fitted with speed governors so none can go over 60km/hour.
  • Noise reduction was paramount for the local community so all truck haulers have been fitted with silencers and have had their exhaust breaks disabled. Sound dampening walls have also been erected at specific high-noise zones.

STRANG was the only Mozal vendor to win Strategic Safety Partner Award two years in succession, was the first to implement OHSAS18001:1999 at a shipping terminal in Mozambique and achieved a Highly Recommended Award at BHPB Chairman’s Safety Awards for implementation of public road safety initiatives.