At Strang we engineer and innovate until we’ve created a 100% effective solution for every project. We aim to turn every solution into a measurable advantage for your business. Systems, machinery or processes, Strang doesn’t take “standard” as an acceptable response, ever. Below are some of the world-leading solutions we’ve created for our clients.

Unit Strap Lift

Halve the Time and Resources to Consolidate Cargo

The process of applying lifting straps (Unit Strap Lift Method - USLM) to the cargo consumed a lot of time and resources while the use of forklift trucks was also a safety risk.

STRANG developed and built a better system of cargo consolidation and strap application that included a Strap Application Table. This halved the resources and time required to consolidate the cargo and apply the USLM straps.

Most importantly, this system has eliminated the use of forklifts previously associated with these tasks eliminating the man machine interface and significantly improving safety.