Supply Line Logistics

STRANG provides project-specific, engineered supply line structures to the resource and energy sectors, especially to remote site operations. These supply line structures provide regular, dedicated and “fail safe” delivery of consumables and all required supplies from worldwide locations through to on-site warehouses.

Cargo Shipping 1 Services include:
  • Off-site consolidation depots
  • Expediting
  • Freight forwarding
  • Cargo tracking and tracing
  • Warehousing
  • Road, rail, air and ocean transport

Strang Global Logistics Management System

Our in-house award-winning computer system, the STRANG Global Logistics Management System (GLMS), underpins our Supply Line Logistic operations. It is designed specifically to receive, manage stock, consolidate cargo for shipment, track and trace, as well as create all export and commercial documentation. Uniquely, STRANG GLMS can also create all import documentation for clearance of goods at the inbound port of cargo receipt.

GLMS Awards
Logistic Lloyd Award Lloyd's List DCN Australian Shipping & Transport Awards
Logistic Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Chamber of Mines and Petroleum
Case studies